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     The heraldic animal
   of Berlin,
the "Berlin Bear"!

"Berlin Bear"

Manuela & Ingo Hopf

Welcome on the Website of "Berlin Bear" and Organ Grinder Berolinchen!

The "Berlin Bear" would like to welcome you on this website!

Do you plan an international event, a ball, a wedding, a promotional event, a trade show, a exhibition, an oldtimer event, a product - promotion, a fair, a family celebration, a store opening, a court festival, a cinema or a television film, a stylish champagne reception and you are looking for the “Berlin Bear” as walking act to greet your guests? Here you can book the “Berlin Bear” for your event!
The "Berlin Bear" cam to you in a high quality fluffy, brown "Bear" mascot costume. By the use of the red-white crown and the sash, the cuddly bear becomes a heraldic animal!

The "Berlin Bear" is typical "berlinerisch"!

Organ Grinderspieler Manuela und Ingo Hopf
The "Berlin Bear" with
"Berolinchen & Bärchen".


Orgelspieler Hopf
The "Berlin Bear" with
"Berolinchen & Bärchen".


The emblem of Berlin is the "Berlin Bear"

The “Berlin Bear” is an emblem of Berlin and therefore a popular film- and photo motive during the reception of your international guests. This very cuddly-looking "Berlin Bear" is an excellent walking act and very popular. We would love to come to your event with a maximum of two "Berlin Bears”.

Of course the "Berlin Bear" is a very nice walk-act for promotion and can also hand out presents, flyers or giveaways to your guests which are provided by the organizer. The "Berlin Bear" can also be combined very well with the barrel organ grinder.

The flag of Berlin, white the colours white and red shows in the middle the "Berlin Bear". In 1913 it blew above the Red City Hall (German: Rotes Rathaus) for the first time. Our "Berlin Bear" wears a white-red coloured sash as well as the Berlin flag. In the middle of the sash you can read the letters BERLIN. The "Berlin Bear" wears the famous, so-called mural crown on its head. All district emblems have one thing in common: the red mural crown rests above the hatchment.

Manuela Hopf is the proof that the "Berlin Bear" can also be a woman. For many years, she has been performing as walk-act in the "Berlin Bear" high quality mascot costume at different events.

The "Berlin Bear"
an unforgettable sight for any event.

This cuddly emblem is loved by all and like to photograph. The "Berlin Bear" as walking act should also not be missing at your international event.

The "Berlin Bear" has been decking the Berlin city arms for more than 700 years. Whenever the Berlin flag is blowing, you can catch a sight of it. He is very popular and everyone wants to get a picture with the "Berlin Bear". Whether at the reception of your guests or right in the middle of the audience or for promotion – nobody is afraid of him, and everyone wants to cuddle with him. A snapshot with the "Berlin Bear" is a lasting memory of Berlin, and your guests will always remember your successful event. At an event with the typical Berlin flair, the "Berlin Bear" is exactly the right thing to book. Whether is your event in a subway station, in a retirement home, at the Brandenburg Gate (German: Brandenburger Tor) or he during the entrée of your international event, the "Berlin Bear" - mascot costume as walk-act is applicable everywhere. Together with the barrel organ grinder and the beautiful music, the whole event will be even better rounded. The duration of the performance while wearing this "Berlin Bear" - mascot costume is two performances per hour, each for 20 minutes. For preparation of our performance, we will need a local room which is not open to the public (wardrobe, secondary room or something like that.).

        The "Berlin Bear" is the heraldic animal of Berlin.

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